Milford Gun Club Safety Policies and Procedures:



Safety is everyone's business! 

If you witness an unsafe act it is your duty as a club member to advise the shooter that is acting in an unsafe manner; do not wait for someone "in charge" to do so! No one in over 80 years has been seriously injured or killed while shooting at MGC. It is up to all of us to maintain that record!



The following policies and procedures are strictly enforced at MGC:


No shooter shall turn around, (face away from the field) with a loaded or closed gun. A closed gun is presumed to be loaded. The muzzle must be pointed in a safe direction at all times.


All shooters must keep their guns open and empty until it is their turn to shoot and they are on the shooting station. Trap and 5-Stand shooters may load when on station but must keep the muzzle pointing down field at all times. Keep your finger out of the trigger guard until ready to shoot. Do not proceed to the next station until all shooters have finished the current shooting station. 


No more than two shells will ever be loaded. Loading is considered placing ammunition in any part of the gun.


Only firearms designed for clay target shooting are permitted on the fields. Use of shotguns with Damascus or laminated barrels is prohibited. No rifle or pistol shooting is permitted.


No horseplay or interference with shooters permitted.


Use common sense and show shooting courtesy.


Be ready for your turn to shoot.


Sign up for skeet, trap, and 5-stand rounds prior to shooting.


Ear and eye protection is required to be used by each shooter at all times.




Proper ammunition and gage are required. No shot larger than #7 ½ on trap and 5-stand fields; #8's and #9's only on skeet fields. No guns larger than 12 gauge will be used. Modern ammunition will not be used in older guns.


All guns in gun racks will have actions open and be empty. Break action guns are exempted but must be empty.


Empty hulls are to be picked up only after the squad has finished its round.


Skeet station 8: all shooters shall shoot their high target before any shooter shoots their low target.


Broken birds are not to be shot at.


No wildlife is to be shot on club property.


Shell catchers are required when shooting semi-auto’s on the trap field except when shooting doubles.


All new members shooting for the first time must view the safety video prior to shooting.


All guest shooters, regardless of age, must be accompanied by an MGC member.


Remember to correct anyone you see performing an unsafe act. If they will not stop, immediately report them to the Safety Chairperson, Board Member, or to the Club Manager. Persons that regularly act in an unsafe way will be expelled from the club.

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